Free pay-as-you-go bar set up with commitment to a minimum bar spend
Free bar. Your guests drink for free and you pick up the bar tab. No set up cost.
Pay a set up fee and have no commitment to a minimum bar spend.

With over ten years’ experience operating weddings bars and being nominated for numerous wedding industry awards, you can rest assured your guests will be fully satisfied, well-watered and you have one less thing to worry about.
All of our bars include:

  • Lager, Ale, Wine, Prosecco, Spirits, Soft Drinks
  • Our tailored cocktail menu
  • Bar glassware, ice and equipment
  • Travel
  • All relevant license and insurance

Wedding Drinks Packages


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Do you take away your rubbish?

Yes, all rubbish and bottles used by the bar will be taken away at the end of the night. We do not want to upset your venue.

Do you collect glasses

Yes. Our bar staff cannot bare to see dirty tables covered in used glasses. We will always bring enough bar staff to ensure there is somebody to collect empties.

How long will you serve for?

This will normally depend on any restrictions the venue or license have. However, if both allow we will serve for as long as we are legally allowed and your guests are thirsty!

When do you set up the bar?

We try and set up at least a day before your wedding to ensure peace of mind. However, this is not always possible and we may have to set up on the morning of the wedding. Rest assured this will never be while your ceremony or wedding breakfast is taking place

Do you take card payments?

We do indeed although we recommend telling your guests that it’s a cash only bar just in case technology fails us.

Will you run out of beer?

We never have done before as we bring along a trailer of back up stock and will always have somebody on call should you manage to drink your way through that.

What deposit do you require?

No deposit is required for a bar until the January before your wedding or event. At this point a £200 deposit will be payable which is deducted from any package payment or refunded on meeting the minimum spend.

Can we provide our own table wine?

We do allow the bride and groom to provide complimentary drinks as long as they are within the limits of packages that we provide: one welcome drink per person, half a bottle of table wine per person and one toasting drink. No free drinks above these limits are permitted and any violations would result in us taking our bar away. We do have very competitively priced packages which also include glassware, service and drinks chilling: cost and time that many couples do not take into account when choosing to provide their own drinks.

Is the bar licensed?

In instances where the venue do not have a license to serve alcohol, we will apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) at our expense.

How far do you travel?

We generally operate in Yorkshire and the North East but can travel further afield subject to a higher set up fee or minimum spend.

Do you serve draught ale?

We currently serve a choice of Yorkshire Heart Hearty Bitter or Yorkshire Heart Silverheart IPA on draught. These are made in special kegs that will not spoil. If you would like to request a different hand pull ale there will be a commitment to serve a full cask.

Can we choose our own drinks?

Although our menu is very extensive we will happily take requests should your favourite tipple not appear on there.